Professional Development at Amrop

To assure the highest levels of Trusted Advisorship in a rapidly changing environment, Amrop University provides our professionals with ongoing, service-oriented education. Program content addresses market trends, business knowledge and innovations in service delivery. A blend of methodologies is deployed, from online workshops and cross-border mentoring, to onsite global learning events, connecting learning across our partnership.

Amrop University at IMD

In close collaboration with IMD (the Institute for Management Development), Amrop offers its consultants and partners worldwide an exclusive Executive Development program: The Trusted Advisor. Addressing shifts in the global economic environment, the evolving organization and implications for leadership and executive search, the program achieves consistently high participant ratings.

Ranked No. 1 in executive education outside the US (2008-2014), No. 1 in open programs (2012-2014) by the Financial Times and No. 1 worldwide (2011) by Forbes, IMD is a world pioneer in executive education. Delivered from the lakeside campus in Lausanne, Switzerland and key locations worldwide, IMD’s top-ranking programs and services combine practical experience, thought leadership and a global mindset.

Amrop Talent Program 

Ensuring that high potentials are positioned to become future leaders is key to the talent management strategy of any globl organization. Amrop is no exception. Identified by our Members Firms, internal candidates are evaluated by Amrop's global Leadership Assessment team and finally selected by our Talent Task Force. Their multi-phase development program combines leadership and collaboration on global innovation projects, ongoing senior mentoring and executive training and learning from IMD.

Amrop Campus Session

The quality and commitment of Amrop Researchers and Associates is a critical facet of exceptional service. The annual Campus Session connects colleagues from around the world in a live, interactive forum, and is the cornerstone of the ongoing professional development of our Research teams. Via a blend of formal learning delivered by external professionals and peer exchange, Amrop Researchers and Associates operate at the forefront of best practice and innovations in the field, helping clients and candidates make decisions, efficiently, effectively - and sustainably.

Membership of the World Economic Forum - Community of Global Growth Companies

As a learning organization, Amrop is a member of the World Economic Forum’s Community of Global Growth Companies (GGC) formed in 2007 to engage dynamic, high-growth organizations considered as having the potential to be tomorrow’s industry leaders and to become a driving force of economic and social change. GGC members interact with each other and with leaders of government, civil society and the media via international live forums and the World Economic Forum’s online platform. Agendas cover major socio-economic factors and shifts and drivers for competitiveness and innovation.